Herbst – Autumn

Hallo! As my favourite season is upon us (Herbst – Autumn) I decided there would be nothing better than a little post on all things Herbst in German.

Herbstwetter (autumn weather) is beautiful. It’s kühl (cool) outside, often windig (windy) but nevertheless nice and sonnig (sunny). At times it can be rather regnerisch (rainy), too. However, you can sum all of this up by saying the weather is ‘herbstlich’ – autumnal! In Herbst (autumn) we go from wearing Sommerkleider (summer clothes) to Herbstkleider (autumn clothes). So instead of wearing a Kleid (dress) and Sandalen (sandals) girls wear a Pullover (jumper) and Stiefeln (boots)!

A lot of people like Herbst because it gives them a chance to wear their Mütze (hat), Schaal (scarf) and Handschuhe (gloves) again. In Herbst people like to drink Heiße Schokolade (hot chocolate) or Pumpkin Spice Latte (yep, it exists in Germany and under the same name).

In Herbst, Blätter (leaves) are a variety of beautiful colours: rot (red), gelb (yellow), grün (green), orange (orange) and braun (brown). A favourite thing for some people is: Die Blätter knirschen unter den Füßen – ‘The leaves crunch underfoot’!

Thanks to Constanze for this post

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